About Cole

Meet Cole Vosbury.  Born into a musical family, Cole is a young aspiring musician/singer/songwriter from Shreveport, Louisiana.  His grandmother is Juanita Morris Zahn who is known to the listening audience as "Little Miss Nita Lynn".  She coquettishly boasts that she is "the only woman who ever turned down Elvis Presley".  Cole's father, Robin Vosbury and uncle, Keith Vosbury are musicians who have performed in Louisiana and beyond since early childhood.  Cole's cousin, Tyler Vosbury (son of Keith Vosbury) is also an aspiring musician/singer/songwriter.  Cole began performing in nursing homes at the age of 3, and by the age of 5 he was performing in various churches in Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas, but he is best known for his 2013 appearance on season 5 of NBC's "The Voice".  During Cole's blind audition for "The Voice" Season 5, Cole told producers that his dad tried to keep him out of the music business, knowing how hard it is, but saw the drive his son had, and now stands by him proudly.  Cole prides himself on the fact that his musical talent is not limited to just one genre.  He has a country blues sound with a background of soul and rock and roll.  Cole is also a talented multi-instrumentalist on guitar, bass, drums, and piano.  While seemingly shy at first glance, Cole truly speaks his loudest through his passion and loyalty to music. 

Cole Vosbury's on NBC's The Voice, Season 5